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Offering most congruent technology based solutions to HR Challenges of organisations in acquiring, engaging & retaining talent and improving organisational efficiency & efficacy.

Who We are

A Digital Transformation company in the space of People & People Management with the single objective to look at all decision-making points for employees in organisations; and to provide congruent & compatible solutions, complementary to Human Thinking. People related metadata is generated continuously in organisations; our solutions rightly capture them for delivering perfect process outcomes.


  • We look at clues for better digitalisation to deal with people decisions, correctly.
  • We capture metadata generated at interlinkages of various HR processes.
  • We provide ease of data analyses for better decision making.
  • We do complete detailing of every HR process for better end-user experience
  • Reliability is prime while conceiving Solutions.


We remain sensitive to ever changing context & perspective; and deliver every time more contextual results. Mindfulness keep us awake to learn from our encounters with our surrounding & ever-changing needs.

Xtra-Mile Walk
We go beyond our boundaries to serve all our stakeholders with passion & conviction.

We deliver excellence in our every action.

We remain bona-fide in all our work that denote originality with creation and substance.

Integrity of Thoughts
We do not blur even in our thoughts. Integrity is the base for all our actions.

We provide solutions for consistency and ease of arriving decisions

Our Leadership


Aspire to bring in comprehensive digital transformation in the space

Aspire to bring in comprehensive digital transformation in the space of People Management that helps all the 4 stakeholders – the Management, Functional Managers, Employees & HR professionals to undertake their respective responsibilities more effectively.

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Shushant Chaudhary
Sanjay Das
Sanjay Das
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Prateek Srivastava

At every decision of yours, our solutions stand.

Tell us what is making you to either procrastinate or avoid taking decisions, we will recommend solutions.