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HR Digital Transformation smoothens with Prajjo People Management System


by KenboxTech

Why HR as a function has so far limited to digitalisation while other major functions have moved much ahead and have made use of technology to transform them. This digital transformation has made functions to not only capture data but pragmatically use to measure objectives and gain actionable insights that helping them to demonstrate the value of their contribution to the overall success of the business.
Without any doubt, we can say that HR function too has accepted newer shape with advent and acceptance of technological advancement. However, this advancement has restricted itself to mere automation of HR processes. We can say administrative HR has gained good amount of ease to undertake transactional activities. Commendable!!! But, does this make HR a business function? Every time when people related business decisions are taken in organisations, manual dialogue is still given preference over logging into an HRMS.

HR Analytics has become a buzz word today. Solutions do provide answers to many challenges within HR however, these solutions are having constrained which are not making them usable. First, solutions are not interlinked. It means, different solutions are good when being looked at separately but when it comes to comprehensiveness, they lack it entirely. Two, still solutions are not made to capture meta data which is usable in the core but on surface does not give any distinct advantage. HRMS have added value to only one aspect, i.e. speeding up the process thereby saving time. For example, time taken to hire is captured and is analysed how to make it more efficient. However, somewhere quality of hired did not get any solution to look at by leaders. Perhaps, this alienates leaders from using todays’ solutions. If business leaders can lay hand on HR analytics which can relate data with the quality of hires in long and short terms, it becomes a strategic importance to leaders. This is one very simple example which clearly depicts situation about digitalisation of HR function and its use.

Kenbox with its product Prajjo’HR has taken up the lead to add value to decision making. Every decision taken should be based on certain perspective but meaningful. Meaning may change organisation to organisation. This fluidity is ensured in all our products. Huge data is already being generated in every organisation which just requires to be mapped, analysed, and served to leaders for their consumption. Decisions must be made highly predictive, practically, using data. Prajjo’HR has come up to fill in this gap. Every module so offered will cover many parts which are critical for successful interpretation of business requirements.

For to make it clear for example, organisation structure could be made a full blown up function that can help leaders taking many decisions without digging into any other function. Prajjo’HR shall undoubtedly be a new beginning. MORE TO WATCH!!!

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