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Digital Transformation By KENBOX

The workforce is one of the fixed costs that every organisation aims to minimize, either by improving quality or maximizing production.

Prajjo offers a solution to know your Employee effectiveness on runtime.
The workforce is one of the fixed costs

Culture plays an undeniable role in the success of organisations. Factors like values, purpose, and vision are three fundamental elements to develop a fitting culture.

Prajjo offers a solution that is capable of providing required framework to integrate all factors in a productive manner.
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Inadvertent recruitment of individuals with the same competencies is prevalent throughout organisations. JDOS compares the new job description with all those available and identifies overlapping roles and responsibilities, thereby resulting in cost savings.

Prajjo offers a distinct solution to overcome this menace.

Aligning goals across different levels in organisations has been a challenge. Various methods have been tried, such as ‘cascading goals, but they haven’t achieved the desired results, both operationally and strategically.

Prajjo offers a product which not only eases out goal alignment but secures many more advantages to the organisations

Every time a new project arises in the IT industry, the initial challenge is to build the correct team while ensuring the team possesses the required skill sets.

Prajjo offers a solution that has not only simplified but also made project creation easy.
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