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HRMS Suite

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - HRMS suite includes all people-related processes and systems which generally run through an entire employee life cycle, from hiring to retiring. HRMS is divided into four groups: Core HR, Operational HR, Strategic HR, and Support HR. Conventionally, HRMS uses very limited scope of actions. 

Prajjo HR has expanded the scope seamlessly and comprehensively.

Takes care of joining, attendance & Payroll related activities.

Covers most of HR activities which are required on day to day basis

Solutions which impact overall and strategic direction of  an organization

Administrative support activities

LDS SUITE - Learning and Development System

Learning and development are paramount for organisational growth and development. Traditionally, limited platforms were available to organisation to exploit for employee growth. Various parts under learning and development were unconnected; making it challenging for organisations to make better use of data generated and collected. Prajjo HR offers an LDS suite that has covered extensively eight different processes, making it the most comprehensive and extensive LDS suite, today

Training Needs Identification

Training Naming & Framing System

Training Budgeting System

Training Batching System

Short Term Training Assessment System

Long Term Training Assessment System

BES SUITE - Business Enhancement System

All people processes aim to support the effective and efficient functioning of organizations, but some add direct value to the ultimate objective of increasing profitability. Business Enhancement System (BES) suite involves all those processes and systems which create possibilities of achieving it.”

HRMS Platform

Culture Suite

Culture Suite kenbox, PrajjoHR

Culture defines success to organisations. Regular inflow of culture related data is critical to know the pulse of the organisation. Conventionally, hearsay was the methodology adopted to know the pulse of the organisation. But with technological advancements, it is now easier to keep a constructive eye and make better use for organisational success. Culture suite included many solutions which can provide regular outflow of data to decision makers.

Culture and Performance Management


Culture Management

Culture can be a competitive edge. It can provide success and sustainability to organisations. Thereby, in the fast-changing business environment, organisations have started focusing on culture aspect a lot. Culture is the basis of employee engagement and productivity. Organisations are striving to regularly seek culture related information so that they can scale up work culture and take corrective actions.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a system employed by organisations to measure and manage employee performance; align individual goals with company goals and set the priorities.  PMS is used to give a business direction to the organisation as per market moves.


People Analytics

People Analytics

People analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. AI-ML has made it possible to take decisions about people based on deep analysis of data. People analytics has made it possible to go deep into data and give many new dimensions to better decision making. It has reduced risk of failure, considerably. Its use getting higher traction in the entire employee life cycle, for processes like recruitment. Career planning, attrition analysis etc.