LDS suite is comprised of KenLEARN & KenTRAIN and is the most comprehensive and extensive platform to take care of Learning, Training & Development of employees.

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Employee training is one of the most important techniques to improve organisational and employee productivity. Organisations allocate good amount of resources & time to employee training & development, but there are certain concerns organisations do have about effective transfer of learnings to the workplace. This includes content validity, self-efficacy, transfer design, reaction of employees to training & training transfer motivation.

LDS Suite

Prajjo LDS, named KenTRAIN, provides a coherent end-to-end platform for Learning & Development of employees of any kind & size of organisation.


Prajjo LDS which is assumingly the largest learning and development platform which is comprised of 8 distinct but well-connected modules that make learning and development fast and effective.

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Learning & Development System

HR Software, HRMS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Training-Needs-Identification, TNI, Learning&evelopmentSystem
Training Needs Identification
HR Software, HRMS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Training, Learning&evelopmentSystem
Training Naming & Framing System
HR Software, HRMS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Trainin Budgeting System, Learning&evelopmentSystem
Training Planning & Budgeting System
HR Software, HRMS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Trainin Budgeting System, Learning&evelopmentSystem
Training Calendar & Monitoring System
HR Software, HRMS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Training Delivery Management,, Learning&evelopmentSystem
Training Delivery Management
HR Software, HRMS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Training, Learning&evelopmentSystem
Training Impact Assessment System

Training Need Identification

The success of organisations is dependent on capabilities of their employees who have to undertake required activities efficiently & effectively with the use of their skills and competencies. In the ever-changing business environment, gap in employee capabilities is inevitable. Therefore, it becomes necessary for organisations to keep assessing capabilities of their employees using various possible techniques, and gaps as identified, need to be filled in by giving requisite trainings.

Kenbox has developed a comprehensive Training Need identification HR solution that holistically captures needs using 12 different tools and vectors. Moreover, the solution links up need identification with ‘Competency Wheel’ of an organisation.

This solution includes:

  • Auto need identification
  • Self-need identification
  • Need Identification by Managers
  • Annual Need Planning
  • Intermittent Need Planning
  • Spot Need Planning
  • Nature based need planning
  • Type based Need planning etc.
LDS SUITE, PrajjoHR, TNI, Training Need Identification, HRMS, HRIS, HRSoftware, Learning&DevelopementSystem, Learning&ManagementSystem

Naming & Framing System

This solution provides the baes for the success of trainings as it encompasses in detail training factors which is critical for training transfer. Training transfer includes both, increasing the self-efficacy of trainees and influencing the transfer motivation to the workplace. Generally, this is the step which is overlooked by decision makers in absence of not having a right tool to carry out the work.

LDS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Naming & Framing System, HRMS, HRIS, HRSoftware, Learning&DevelopementSystem, Learning&ManagementSystem,

With the tool in HRMS solution in the form of Naming & Framing System, the process can effectively be handled by organisations. The process runs after the needs are identified.

 It is self-explanatory that the solution handles the entire process not only in right perspective but also in cost effective manner.

This solution includes:

  • Need Compilation
  • Need Convergence
  • Training Designing
  • Content Finalisation
  • Target Group Fixation
  • Naming training

Planning & Budgeting System

Organisations have to spend considerable amount of money and allocate other resources for effective handling of identified training programs. It therefore becomes necessity to plan training, keeping in view number of employees who shall be given training during a year, trainer identification and their costing, and other related expenses.

The solution Planning & Budgeting, in HR platform can capture intermittent and spot training requirements and related additional expenses on the run; helping all decision makers to keep a track of all expenses being undertaken on trainings. In absence of right solution, the entire planning and budgeting exercise is undertaken on paper. This makes the process cumbersome and time taking.

This solution includes:

  • Batch Designing
  • Trainer Onboarding
  • Annual Training Planning
  • Cost Estimation
  • Budget Approval Proces, etc..
LDS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Planning & Budgeting System, HRMS, HRIS, HRSoftware, Learning&DevelopementSystem, Learning&ManagementSystem,

Calendar & Monitoring System

Many a time’s employees who have been identified to undergo certain trainings during a year, could not plan their presence for the programs, as they miss dates.

The Calendar & Monitoring solution, all trainings as planned during the year are published in the form of a calendar which are available to all the employees of an organisation. Additionally, all those employees who have been chosen to attend certain trainings can find a calendar specific to their training. This way, employees will be well tuned to the calendar and will not miss to attend trainings.

LDS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Calendar & Monitoring System, HRMS, HRIS, HRSoftware, Learning&DevelopementSystem, Learning&ManagementSystem, Attendance System

Poor attendance of employees in planned trainings leads to negatively skewed ROI. Resulting into unproductive expenses for organisations. It therefore means, the solution Calendar & Monitoring System will not only help in ensuring presence of employees but also increasing ROI or in simple term, making expenses productive cost.

This solution includes:

  • Public Calendar Publish
  • Individual Calendar Publish
  • Auto communication to Employees
  • Expense Monitoring
  • Auto Training Data Updation, etc..

Training Delivery System

One of the most time-consuming activities under learning and Development is to plan actions wherein the foremost is seeking nominations from functional managers. It is seen that L&D managers have to struggle in undertaking this activity. Another related activity is making continuous communication with nominated employees regarding venue, information as required by trainers etc.  Likewise, last minute replacement of nominees etc are few more challenges which L&D managers have to face to arrange trainings smoothly

Training Delivery System is the solution which seamlessly perform all above mentioned activities and help in maintaining records pertaining to actual trainings conducted. Moreover, pre and post training assessment can be done from the Training Delivery System platform.

This solution includes:

  • Batch Forming
  • Batch Reforming
  • Batch Replacement
  • Batch Shuffling
  • Auto attendance
  • Learning Assessment
  • Vendor Management
LDS SUITE, PrajjoHR, Training Delivery System, HRMS, HRIS, HRSoftware, Learning&DevelopementSystem, Learning&ManagementSystem,

Training Impact Assessment System

Organisations allocate resources to training and development of employees so that employees can develop their capabilities and in turn organisations become more and more efficient and productive. It therefore first, becomes necessary to ascertain whether employees could comprehend what has been shared in trainings and later could effectively transfer new learning or behaviour to their respective workplaces. Any gap in meeting end objective will certainly impact overall business objectives.

This solutions looks at various factors under Training & Development  objectively, so that decision makers can make effective use of inputs at various stages of employee growth.

This solution includes:

  • Assessment Pattern Setting
  • Assessment Planner
  • Analytics, etc…

Learning Management System

LMS is a learning platform which supports virtual learning of employees. It’s a SCORM compliant platform which can support every kind of training material I a most effective manner.

LMS can be integrated with LDS to cater to end to end needs of organisations in terms of Learning & Development.


Learning Management System

KenLEARN is an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) from Kenbox on its PrajjoHR® platform. It offers an integrated learning solutions for employees of organizations.  It helps organizations to administer, document, track, report, and deliver educational courses, training programs for their employees. It increases ease of delivery of training & development programs to employees in an effective environment

LDS suite is comprised of KenLEARN & KenTRAIN and is the most comprehensive and extensive platform to take care of Learning, Training & Development of employees. LDS is designed to identify training and learning gaps, using analytical data from different sources. SCORM compliant, KenLEARN can effectively be used as a platform for online content and its delivery in different suitable environments.


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