Recruitment & Selection Suite

End to end automation of recruitment & selection process  can help in attracting, assessing, identifying and hiring suitable talent for organisations

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End to end automation of recruitment & selection process which includes every process and sub-process that can help in attracting, assessing, identifying and hiring suitable talent for organisations of different shapes & sizes across different industries.

Recruitment & Selection Suite

KenRECRUIT on PrajjoHR® platform is designed to help organisations and professionals in finding candidates suitable for their requiremnts of any fucntion or department. The process encompasses internal and external hiring communication, candidature submission and the entire assessment process. It also includes sub processes like Auto Comparative Study and AUTO SALARY FIXATION, thereby ensuring external and internal compensation equity in organisation, resultantly helping in effective arrest of employee attrition.

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KenRECRUIT truly helps in bringing digital transformation within the gambit of Talent Acquisition. The user interface is designed in such way that it caters to needs of different users like Companies, Manpower Consultants, Contract Hiring and Gig workers equally.

KenRECRUIT brings alongwith:

CV Parsing & CV Fitment Analysis to reduce cost, time and efforts in search and talent mapping process.

Pre-boarding, Boarding and Post-boarding assessment, anytime-every time.

No gaps in the entire hiring process. Recruitment challenges plugged in 100%

KenRECRUIT is designed in such a way that all applicants agaisnt a position can be tracked at any stage of recruitment & selection procedure. Top management of a company can zeroed down to know exact information about an applicant anytime at single click. All applicants shall be communicated seamlessly at any stage of the Applicant Tracking System.

Job Applicant Sourcing

  • Job Portal & Social Media Sourcing
  • Career/website Portal
  • Employee Referral
  • Consultants
  • Direct Upload
  • Crowd Sourcing
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Interview Planning & Administration

  • Recruiter Scheduling
  • Panel Scheduling
  • One-by-one Interview Scheduling
  • Applicant Self Service
  • All stakeholder communication
  • Administrative Planning & Accountabilities

Preparation before Interview

  • Questions Inventory
  • Pre-interview Question Framing
  • Ease of assessment
  • Interviewer Oriented Candidate Assessment Framework
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