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PRAJJO - Transition from pure-play HR to business

Most intuitive, deep & wide, Cloud based People Management System that comprehensively covers people, processes & systems and offers the simplest platform to end-customers. The only platform that helps in creating an ecosystem to ignite sense of belonging among potential employees much before their joining, supports them in performing their responsibilities during their stay, guides them in taking appropriate decisions for achieving personal goals, and builds an umbilical relationship that remains intact even after their leaving organisations

Excellent HR Solutions for your success

Every HR process is developed with complete detailing with an aim to provide transactional ease & help to customers in achieving intended objectives.

Incorporates all possible tools into one to improve experience into a single integrated solution.

Grabs all possible events in the employee life cycle, enabling insights & information for inclusive & comprehensive decisions

Real time metadata & access to business intelligence helps guide inexperienced decision makers

Easy deployment removes the need of expensive professional support for training.

Leveraging Technology that works towards
our clients’ business success.

ai & ml


Extensive use of AI & ML in simplifying Decision Making



Psychological research in making solutions compatible to human thinking



Capitalization of Neuro Science in standardizing product features



Solving business challenges on real-time basis


Everything we do revolves around quality. We invest in tools, infrastructure, processes and procedures, metrics, and governance on a regular basis to ensure that we meet the highest quality standards and produce world-class quality solutions. Kenbox believes that the cornerstone of a good and innovative organisation is laid by strong, visible, and consistent leadership in its operations. People, we feel, are the cement that keeps a sturdy foundation together. Kenbox understands that the best results come from maximising the use of the appropriate people at the right time and in the right place. When it comes to enhancing or implementing a process,

At every decision of yours, our solutions stand.

Tell us what is making you to either procrastinate or avoid taking decisions, we will recommend solutions.