BES Suite
Business Enhancement System


New business & people challenges can not be solved by old tools & techniques. PrajjoHR is determined to come up with newer solutions.

Make your HR come at par with other primary functions in contributing to profitability and revenue directly.

Organisations work relentlessly to formulate strategies, with the quality of people and data availability being key factors. Weakness in either can impact business objectives. Strategy starts with intent, followed by a strategic process that anticipates challenges, identifies patterns, and helps leaders predict success.


Making it more contextual: Data Difficulties and People Difficulties are what leaders have to look at while defining & refining their strategies. 

Data difficulties set the tone for content building. It therefore is necessary to, first ensure availability of data and second to interpret data rightly. 

People difficulties arise from their handling data in different context and time zones. Their own rationality makes it assumingly unpredictable to have a common line of interpretation. Consequently, success becomes dependent on the rationality of people and quality of data available.

Kenbox has taken a lead to make available such solutions which can help organisations and their leaders in minimising risk of failure due to data & people difficulties. 

Entire new range of solutions have been developed on the PrajjoHR® platform, named PrajjoBIZ. The platform shall converge data from different sources, will use different established concepts and tools to evolve a new line of pragmatic business solutions to all kinds and sizes of industries & organisations. These business solutions will have capabilities to add considerable value to end objectives of organisations.

Manpower Planning Budgeting System

Manpower Optimisation Modelling DESSA*

Performance Management System SGR*

Performance Management System SGR*

Manpower Planning Budgeting System

Manpower Planning Budgeting System

Manpower Planning Budgeting System

 Planning and Budgeting

Manpower planning budgeting system with Prajjo HR is a functionality within the Prajjo HR system that helps organisations plan and budget for their workforce needs effectively. It likely provides features and tools to assist with forecasting, financial planning, and decision-making related to human resources and workforce management.


Manpower Optimisation Model

Organisations in general struggle to tune their manpower requirements. Oversising is a common phenomenon in the business world, which very often leads to periodic downsising cycle. Both the situations lead to adverse impact on the working of organisations. Loss of profit and loss of image are the two most common end results.


Strategy Goal Review


Performance Management System

A well-implemented performance management system can help organisations enhance productivity, employee engagement, and alignment with strategic goals. It also simplifies the administrative tasks associated with performance evaluation and management.


Overall People Effectiveness Model

Leaders look for comprehensive information about their people so that they can take the right decisions to fill in competency & skill gaps, develop them, plan succession, place them in befitting roles etc. Different tools and techniques make it little challenging for leaders to reach to decisions fast & in realistic manner. OPE is such a solution which can take care of this challenge holistically and in most efficient manner.