LDS Suite
Learning & Development System


Know planing needs, plan & budget them to reskill and upskill your employees to meet existing and future requirements equally on the largest training development platform with effective ROI


Prajjo LDS, provides a coherent end-to-end platform for Learning & Development of employees. 

Prajjo LDS which is assumingly the largest learning and development platform which is comprised of 8 distinct but well-connected modules that make learning and development fast and effective.

Prajjo LDS, provides a coherent end-to-end platform for Learning
Training Needs Identification

Training Needs Identification

Training Naming & Framing System

Training Planning & Budgeting System

Training Planning & Budgeting System

Training Calendar & Monitoring System

Training Delivery Management

Training Impact Assessment System

Training Impact Assessment System

Need identification of HR

Training Need Identification

Kenbox has developed a comprehensive Training Need identification of HR solution that holistically captures needs using 12 different tools.

This solution includes:
  •  Auto need identification
  • Self-need identification
  • Need Identification by Managers
  • Annual Need Planning
  • Intermittent Need Planning
  • Spot Need Planning
  • Nature based need planning
  • Type based Need planning etc

Naming & Framing System

With the tool in HRMS solution in the form of Naming & Framing System, the process can effectively be handled by organisations. The process runs after the needs are identified.

It is self-explanatory that the solution handles the entire process not only in the right perspective but also in cost-effective manner. 

This solution includes:
  • Need Compilation
  • Need Convergence
  • Training Designing
  • Content Finalisation
  • Target Group Fixation
  • Naming training
Naming & Framing System

Planning & Budgeting System

Organisations invest significantly in training programs, so it’s essential to plan and determine how many employees will receive training each year.

This solution includes:
  •  Batch Designing
  • Trainer Onboarding
  • Annual Training Planning
  • Cost Estimation
  • Budget Approval Proces, etc..

Calendar & Monitoring System

Poor attendance of employees in planned trainings leads to negatively skewed ROI. Resulting into unproductive expenses for organisations. 

 This solution includes:
  •  Public Calendar Publish
  • Individual Calendar Publish
  • Auto communication to Employees
  • Expense Monitoring
  • Auto Training Data Updating, etc..
Calendar & Monitoring System

Training Delivery System

One of the most time-consuming activities under learning and Development is to plan actions wherein the foremost is seeking nominations from functional managers. It is seen that L&D managers have to struggle in undertaking this activity.

This solution includes:
  • Batch Forming
  • Batch Reforming
  • Batch Replacement
  • Batch Shuffling
  • Auto attendance
  • Learning Assessment
  • Vendor Management

Training Impact Assessment System

Many times employees who have been identified to undergo certain trainings are unable to plan their presence for the programs, as they miss dates.

This solution includes:
  • Assessment Pattern Setting
  • Assessment Planner
  • Analytics, etc…
raining Impact Assessment System

LMS can be integrated with LDS to cater end to end needs of an organisation.

Learning Management System

PrajjoLEARN is an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) from Kenbox on its PrajjoHR® platform. It offers an integrated learning solution for employees. It helps organisations to administer, document, track, report, and deliver educational courses, training programs to their employees. Eases delivery of trainings & development programs. 

LDS suite is comprised of PrajjoLEARN & PrajjoTRAIN and is the most comprehensive and extensive platform for Learning, Training & Development of employees. LDS is designed to identify training and learning gaps, using analytical data from different sources. SCORM compliant, PrajjoLEARN can effectively be used as a platform for online content and its delivery in different suitable environments.

Learning Management System


Content is the educational and training materials that are available to users for learning and development purposes. The specific content available in Prajjo HR’s LMS depends on the offerings and configurations of a particular LMS solution and can be tailored to an organisation’s training and development needs.

Learner Tools

Learning tool refers to a feature that facilitates the process of creating, delivering, and managing educational content and training activities. These tools are designed to enhance the learning experience of employees and to make learning and training more efficient, engaging.

Learner Tools
Activity Management

Activity Management

LMS can significantly aid in activity management by automating tasks, monitoring progress, and ensuring that documentation and reporting are easily accessible and accurate. This contributes to improved employee development and organisational performance.


The reporting tool is designed to provide administrators and decision-makers with the data they need to make informed decisions, assess the effectiveness of training programs, and ensure compliance with learning objectives and goals.

E- Learning

E- Learning

LMS with Prajjo HR enhances e-learning by making it more accessible, organised, and easily documented, ultimately leading to more effective employee development and training.


It allows organisations to assess and measure the effectiveness of their training and educational programs; collect data and feedback to evaluate various aspects of the learning process and make improvements so organisations can make data-driven decisions to enhance the learning experience and achieve their educational objectives.