Culture Suite


Beliefs and traditions shape an organisation’s culture. PrajjoHR solutions can help organisations assess and guide the necessary beliefs and traditions to cultivate a competitive culture.


Culture defines success to organisations. Regular inflow of culture related data is critical to know the pulse of the organisation. Conventionally, hearsay was the methodology adopted to know the pulse of the organisation. But with technological advancements, it is now easier to keep a constructive eye and make better use for organisational success. Culture suite included many solutions which can provide regular outflow of data to decision makers.

We have understood this fact and therefore, have conceived all our solutions in such a way so that emotional balance remains intact. Not only this, but we have also conceived and developed many new solutions which help in strengthening human bond while connecting people regularly. 

The fact on which the HR function is evolved is to inculcate the ‘human’ element in human resources. We at Kenbox understand this fact and therefore have developed the entire PrajjoHR platform & all solutions that help the HR function and organisations to build emotional connect among their people and create unique ‘culture’ for themselves.

The human society is unique in sense it is differentiated by having emotions in it. Organisations which are subset of human society, their success is dependent on how strongly they are united culturally. 

Modern day advancements which are giving functionality of speed and accuracy to society and organisations, somewhere weakening emotional bonding among humankinds. This ‘may’ in long run prove to be the disadvantage to the overall organisational functioning. It is, therefore, paramount to balance it in such a way that organisations on the one hand equip themselves with modern science and technology, and on the other hand, strengthen emotional connect among people and with organisations they are working for.

Corporate culture can have a significant impact on an organisation’s long term economic performance, PrajjoHR® provides required foundation to build it.

Culture Structuring

Culture Structuring

Culture doesn’t only allow an organisation to run smoothly; it also helps prescribe how an organisation runs. In fact, organisational culture can help dictate culture, values, and success. It is the only component that is impossible for others to imitate. Furthermore, culture structuring involves behavioural aspects as drawn from many sides of the overall human personality; dotted with required competencies by organisations. 

PrajjoHR® platform categorically and continuously supports organisations in competency modelling – suiting their business models, gap identification, development, and regular assessment of their people.


A basic system to know mood of the company on a particular day. Cumulative impact can be deciphered with the articulation of data for understanding sub-culture in an organisation.

Know mood of your people anywhere, everywhere.



An HR platform for collecting and consolidating culture-related data to gain insights into an organisation’s overall culture. It offers real-time information about the company culture to the management. The platform assists in nurturing and strengthening a strategic culture while preventing any potential negative impact on the company’s business and image. Culture takes years to build but can be destroyed in just a few days.

Know your culture with a single click.


Integrate various awards into scaffolding of a company Culture to appreciate people for their contributions to company success.

Appreciate your employees on the run and build true bonhomie among them.

Your Voice

Your Voice

Real reasons of employee separations are not what they share during exits. Most of the time, employees do not share their genuine reasons of leaving. It requires serious efforts on the part of companies to know & nail down reasons, to retain talent.

Let your employees do not simmer with grievance but remain fully engaged.